The Ascom Myco 2
– the control hub of the Ascom Healthcare Platform

The Myco 2

It looks like a smartphone, but the Ascom Myco 2™ is really the control hub for our open, powerful, comprehensive healthcare platform.

  • Seamlessly connects users with colleagues, patients, labs, pharmacies, porters, cleaners, and other medical devices such as patient monitors and nurse call systems
  • Merges data from multiple sources and displays it as meaningful information to help frontline staff make the best decisions on the move
  • Enables collaboration by removing workflow bottlenecks, and sends reports to administrative and analytical systems.

Why nurses need more efficient communication tools

  • Time a nurse spends communicating.

    Time writing is excluded [1]

  • Number of staff per patient

    Average during a four-day hospital stay [2]

  • Root cause of medication error

    Communication failure are no. 1 root cause [2]

  • Communication still non-digital

    Nurses still communicate mainly person-to-person [1]

Alarm hazards are hospitals’ number one technology health hazard. [3]

Nurses spend less than one fifth of their time on direct patient care. [4]

The Ascom Healthcare Platform
– turns the promise of digitalization into real, measurable results

What is the Ascom Healthcare Platform?

The Ascom Healthcare Platform is an open, powerful software platform for integrated workflow intelligence, systems, applications and mobility solutions.
Information is analyzed and presented in a controlled, secure manner to the right person, at the right time, in the right place. Put simply, the platform realizes the potential of digitalization by removing barriers to truly mobile communication and collaboration.

By capturing vital signs, alarms and other data from bedside equipment in patient rooms, ICUs, ORs and other wards, our software can process events and requests from patients and clinical staff and pull together mission-critical information from multiple sources:

  • Patient monitors
  • Infusion pumps and other bedside medical equipment
  • Nurse call systems
  • EMR/EHR systems
  • Voice and Text
  • Images and barcodes

How do you enable the Ascom Healthcare Platform?

Deploy the Ascom Myco smartphone with Unite Context software to your facility’s clinical care teams. Other Ascom handsets and even non-Ascom devices can also use Unite Context. But as the smart device purpose-built for healthcare, the Ascom Myco is optimized to deliver the full power and benefits of the platform.

What are the benefits of the Ascom Healthcare Platform?

  • When patient requests and medical notifications are communicated to the right person at the right time, it can contribute to faster responses to individual patient events.
  • Enables clinicians to more efficiently input and access mission-critical information needed to make prioritizations, provide patient-centric care, and take fewer steps.
  • Events, workflows and information are recorded and tracked in the system to help clinical management better view, manage and deploy resources
  • Leads to better cost-efficiency and improved patient and staff satisfaction.

The Ascom Myco 2

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Unite Context
-the Clinical Workflow Collaboration Application

Clinicians are faced with challenges every day as they strive to provide the best possible care to patients. Unite Context is a key component in the Ascom healthcare platform, bridging the clinical information gap between back-end systems, EHRs, and the front-end workflow for seamless information management in acute-care settings. Natively integrated on the Ascom Myco 2 smart phone, Unite Context is a comprehensive, enterprise-grade application that enables clinicians to view and manage all patients under their care. It is also available as a standalone app for iOS, Android™ for BYOD implementations and Windows® desktop, supporting the entire care team with a consistent user experience across all platforms.

Designed to tackle workflow inefficiencies such as the need to multi-task and juggle multiple interruptions, Unite Context is highly intuitive and handles complex, disparate sources of information and communication, mobilizes it, and connects the dynamic team of caregivers regardless of their location within a facility.

  • Visibility of patient’s care team with availability and status
  • Access to EHR – patient demographic information
  • Access to lab results
  • Secure messaging with support for image attachments
  • Pre-scripted messages for quicker clinician response
  • Staff directory/Central phonebook with contacts and their availability
  • Enterprise-grade telephony

The Ascom Myco 2
-design highlights

The Ascom Myco 2 smart phone – Inspired by caregivers.

From its unique top display and durable casing to its sturdy carrying clip and easy-to-read screen, every aspect of the Ascom Myco 2 was designed for the specific challenges of the healthcare environment.

  • Plastic casing made from Lexan EXL resin, a polycarbonate (PC) copolymer formulation that offers superior impact and low temperature ductility compared to standard PC grades.
  • Built to withstand regular cleaning and disinfecting, and is dust and water resistant to IP54 standard.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic shape, with a screen at the right size for legibility, but compact enough for easy single-handed use.
  • Carrying clip, NFC reader, IR receiver and barcode scanner all been carefully placed for maximum usability.
  • Top display enables caregivers read incoming medical alerts without having to handle the device.

The Ascom Myco 2. Designed by professionals. Used by professionals. 

Top Display
One glance. No touch. A wealth of information

The top display lets users quickly assess incoming alarm notifications.

  1. Each incoming alert has an associated icon and can be further enriched by text. Easy to reach push-button in case of emergency.
  2. Color-coded LED priority beacon for quick, easy recognition of alert types.
  3. Alert details are simultaneously presented on the screen.
Carrying Clip
Stays close to you, like a real companion should

The carrying clip evenly distributes the device’s weight across a large surface area of thin fabric.

  1. Sturdy clip. Holds firmly onto even a single layer of fabric. Perfect for clinicians’ scrubs.
  2. Exchangeable color-coded ID tag for easy identification.
Replaceable battery
Long lasting power pack

Doctors and nurses work long shifts. And thanks to its high-capacity power pack, so does the Ascom Myco. The battery delivers up to 35 hours of stand-by time.

  • Easy to replace battery.
  • Charged via USB connector, or on customized multi-slot charging rack.
  • Approximately 70% capacity left after 400 fullcharge/discharge cycles.
Smart and tough –
some devices have it all

The Ascom Myco housing is made from tough Lexan EXL resin. This, together with sturdy construction, makes the device ideal for demanding hospital environments.

  • Tested and certified to withstand disinfection agents.
  • Dust- and water-resistant to IP54 standard.
  • The housing material provides exceptional impact resistance and superior temperature ductility.

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Specific functions and features of the Ascom Myco 2 might require additional Ascom products to be installed. 
The availability, configuration and technical specifications of Ascom products, services and solutions may vary from country to country. Please ask your nearest Ascom representative for further details.